A Plaintiff’s class action law firm

The law firm of Heins Mills & Olson, P.L.C., located in Minneapolis, is a premier advocate for businesses, consumers and investors in the nation’s courts.  We focus our practice on complex litigation, frequently serving as lead counsel for national classes of businesses, shareholders and consumers in actions to redress securities fraud, antitrust violations, deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud.  Our team of lawyers collectively has many decades of experience in complex litigation and has successfully handled more than 100 class actions, primarily in a leadership role.

As a relatively small firm, we greatly value each and every client. Our modest size affords us the opportunity to apply our skills intensively to each and every case. We take special pride in the productive relationships we develop with our clients by earning their trust and confidence, and we aspire to maintain them over the long term. An essential predicate for achieving that kind of relationship is open and frank communication necessary to ensure that our services harmonize with our clients’ concerns. We are able to offer this personalized attention without sacrificing effectiveness in major large-scale litigation.

Despite our modest size, we command the resources necessary to litigate antitrust actions of any size and complexity. We have the ability to review and analyze millions of pages of documents. When necessary, we collaborate with other experienced counsel to multiply our effort. We have developed strong working relationships with other firms, coordinating all aspects of litigation to achieve impressive recoveries.

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